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Mar 15, 2012 7:45 PM by Herbie Smith

Backwater Flooding in Carencro

Although it's been three days since neighborhoods flooded, some in Carencro are still under water. Besides the the water not receding, officials say backwater flooding coming from the Vermilion River is also a major concern. Backwater flooding caused several residents on Smith Reed Road to be trapped in their neighborhood for days. Some parts of the road are under more than three feet of water. "We're in a terrible situation. There are people who are sick who need to come out. I haven't had my medication in three days," said resident Betty Harris. "It's hard especially when you have families at those homes and you can't drive to see if they are ok," said resident Dana Guthrie.

While some residents were trying to get home, some wanted to leave. "I call it island fever; you want to get off of your island," said resident Kris Manuel Sparks. "We haven't been able to get to work or to grocery stores for medication," said resident Ashley Dossman.

Officials say backwater flooding could cause water levels to increase. "The river is swollen and can't take any more water, which causes it to backflood," said Captain Kip Judice with Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office. "The bayou crested at 22 1/2 feet and the flood stage is 17 feet," said meteorologists Dave Baker.

Emergency crews with Lafayette Sheriff's Office have been going door to door checking on residents because they say there's a possibility water levels could increase. Until neighbors find out what mother nature is going to do, some residents say they plan on staying home. "We can't do anything. Those who are brave will get on a boat and those who are not will just hang out here," said resident Ashley Dossmann.



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