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Jul 8, 2013 11:12 PM by Erin Steuber

Audit Reveals Natural Gas Loss in Mamou

An audit of the Town of Mamou shows something is missing, that something, the town's natural gas. But the search is on for a solution because since 2003 there has been a significant loss of natural gas.

"Some years we have seen some changes where it's reduced itself," said Mamou Mayor Ricky Fontenot. "But it's still way over where it needs to be."

According to the audit, the town lost 17 percent of its natural gas last year. The mayor says they can't pinpoint the problem, but they're looking at all possibilities, including gas leaks.

"Yes, we go out there and check for leaks. It's not a leak you know, you would smell it or something," said Fontenot. "We're thinking the meters just don't calibrate right."

The mayor thinks meters are the issue, last summer, while the audit was still being conducted, the town was in the process of of converting to new digital meters.

"Even though the audit says 17 percent, we didn't really tackle the whole year of 2012. We're thinking we have made some progress and are looking forward to the 2013 audit to show just that," said Fontenot.

We reached out to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources who say they were unaware of the problem and will be meeting with the mayor to discuss a solution.



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