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May 8, 2013 11:27 PM by Erin Steuber

Attempted Burglary Stopped by a Prayer

In St. Mary Parish police are investigating an attempted burglary. It's not necessarily the crime, but where it happened, and who it happened to, that makes this story so interesting. Police are looking for a man who entered "Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church" last night in Baldwin, then tried to get in to the rectory. The man ran off, but only after an encounter with the priest.

Father Gregory Cormier says the suspect demanded anything he had. Cormier says what happened next, was divine intervention. Cormier reacted with a prayer when he was faced with a the young man emerging from the shadows demanding cash, valuables and anything he had.

"I said I don't have anything, but then I said to him, 'I have Jesus,'" said Cormier. "I just started to pray. When I opened my eyes I said to him, 'God loves you, God loves you very much.'"

Cormier says the man began questioning him.

"He said 'you sure God love me?' and I said 'yes, God loves you," said Cormier."Then he disappeared."

Cormier says the entire time he was at peace, calm and unafraid of the young man, even though he was pointing something at him under a sweater.

"I wasn't afraid to die, if that was the case," said Cormier. "I was more concerned about what was going to happen to him, than what was going to happen to me."

Police say the man tried breaking into the home through a door. According to Cormier nothing was stolen, but a window was broken.

"If I ever see him again, I hold no animosity, I have no anger, no hatred for him," said Cormier. "As a matter a fact, I found myself, today, praying for him and hoping things turn out for the better for his life."

The incident is still under investigation. Police aren't sure if the suspect was armed. Anyone with any information about this case should call Baldwin Police at 337-923-4845.



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