Feb 14, 2013 4:40 PM by Rob Perillo

Asteroid to Miss Earth Friday

An asteroid approximately 150 feet in diameter, or the size of the Chase Building in Lafayette, will scoot by the Earth Friday. 

This asteroid is one of the larger objects to come relatively close to the Earth as it speeds by at about 17,500 mph.

At it's closest point the Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be a little over 17,000 miles from Earth around 1:25pm Friday afternoon, traveling between geosynchronous satellites, such as weather and communication satellites and much lower and many more lower orbiting satellites, such as the International Space Station.

While not visible in Acadiana nor the Western Hemisphere, telescope toting viewers in Europe and Asia should be able to track it.

There is no threat to Earth and according to calculations this asteroid will not pose a threat to Earth in the future.

Read more from NASA's web site here.


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