Jun 10, 2012 8:43 PM by Maddie Garrett

As Searches Wind Down, Mickey's Mom Says They're Not Giving Up Hope

For the Shunick family, it's been an agonizing three weeks. KATC sat down with Mickey's mother, Nancy Rowe, Sunday afternoon.

"It's literally hellish, we want to know, we want her back. If she's still alive, no matter what's happened, you know we can handle that. If not, we'll handle that too," said Nancy, tearing up at the thought.

Sunday was the last day for volunteers at Blackham Coliseum, and 120 people headed out to search for Mickey. They won't hold another search like this again, unless new evidence surfaces.

"We want to close the doors here but we want to have the other doors open, so that way there's no closure. We want Mickey to know that we are still here for her and that we're not giving up the search," said Margaret Bearb, a volunteer organizer.

Bearb said Landry Properties donated vacant office space for the new volunteer headquarters. She said the new location will offer a more profession, stream lined approach to search efforts, that's still open to the public.

The smaller, more organized volunteer team will continue the search for Mickey through social media, printing fliers and selling t-shirts from the new office. All donated supplies will also be kept there on stand by.

"There's food and water and supplies, insect repellant, machetes, people will go out again and they'll look again, and we won't stop until we find her," said Nancy.

Nancy said the overwhelming community support is what's kept her family going. She's hopeful Mickey is still alive, and they won't rest until she's found.

"That's a lot of power, you know, to heal a family with one phone call or a note, they could put us all right back together again. So they need to do that," said Nancy.

The new volunteer center is located in the South College Shopping Center, 2811 Johnston Street. The smaller volunteer team will start the move Monday. You're still welcome to go pick up fliers or get information there, however food and supply donations are no longer needed.


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