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Nov 15, 2013 7:41 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Arnaudville Water Update

The town of Arnaudville says its water is fine, even though they've sent out 15 boil advisories since May. The reason for the boil advisories, says town officials, is because of low water pressure as the water system is improved.

As improvements are made, water pressure will sometimes drop, and a boil advisory has to go out. Once a boil advisory is sent, the water is then tested. According to Ron Turner, Town Utility Supervisor, those tests always come back fine.

"What's been happening since around May, it's the third phase in just water system improvements. There wasn't a specific problem," Turner said.

Along with boil advisories, at times, there have been water interruptions. Last week, the water unexpectedly turned off at Arnaudville Elementry.

"We were caught a little off guard because it happened during the school day and we were not scheduled to be turned off," Principal Elsie Semien said. She says she immediately reported the outage, and the water was back on in two hours.

"When we're not able to consume the water, the school district has provided bottled water for all of the students and each time the children are given a bottle of water to start the school day and given more if needed," Semien said.

However, the boil advisories shouldn't be an issue anymore says Turner. He says they're in the final phase of improvements to the water system for phase three, and the work should be complete in three to four weeks.

There have been almost 700,000 dollars in water system improvements in phase three, like adding about two and a half miles of water line and installing 50 new fire hydrants.

"We haven't really had any complaints about the installation itself because most of the customers appreciate that it's an improvement," Turner said.




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