Jul 23, 2013 11:41 PM by Steven Albritton

Another Week, Another Lafayette Parish Meth Bust

It's a re-occurring scene in Lafayette Parish these days as in the past four weeks, six meth labs have been busted. The latest one happening Tuesday afternoon in Scott.
Recently, there have been two in Lafayette, one in Youngsville and one in Carencro. Metro Narcotics agents say they can't disclose the location of the final one because it's part of an ongoing investigation.

Tuesday's bust in Scott was different. When police arrived at the home they say, among at least three other people, a 12-year-old was in the home.

Many neighbors were stunned by the days events.

"When it was this close, it surprised me because when I looked out the window it was a Haz-Mat Truck. So, I came into the living room and asked my mom what was going on," Earlene Carriere of Scott said.

Under arrest is Joshua Carmichael. Police say, they were called to the house based on a tip. Once inside, police say they could smell a strong chemical odor in the home and that's when they found the child. That's when police say Carmichael came out from the back of the home.

"The subject had quickly identified the fact that he was in the back. He was in a shake and bake mode with a meth lab and the chemicals had a reaction. He dropped it on the ground and upon dropping it on the ground he exited the residence," Scott Police Chief Chad Leger said.

Since there was a juvenile in the home, Chief Leger says more charges could be coming for the other adults inside, including Carmichael.

Lorris Leger has lived in the neighborhood more than 50 years and hasn't seen anything like what happened on Tuesday.

"It's scary. Especially with a young person in there, I mean, it's scary. I'm getting kind of scared around here, Leger said.

Police and Metro Narcotics agents urge the public to stay vigilant. If you see suspicious activity happening in your neighborhood, call police.



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