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Apr 7, 2011 11:33 PM by Shawn Kline

Another city approves pit bull restrictions

For pit bull owners, the collar is getting tighter almost everywhere you go.
Patterson city council passing an ordinance Tuesday restricting the ownership of pit bulls, but is the city just picking a bone?

Robert Baxter of Crowley says he was chased by a pit bull just a few weeks ago.

"She was crouched down, low to the ground with her ears back." He says, "she was coming to get me."

It wasn't just the dog he's scared of.

"I think it's bad training." Baxter says, "any dog can be trained to be a mean dog."

Kristoffer Moreau raises pit bulls. He says they aren't that different from other dogs but they get a bad rap.

"You don't get hurt by a small dog." Moreau says, "these dogs just have the capabilities of doing it."

A federal study shows 32% of all dog related human deaths are caused by pit bull attacks. However, pit bulls only make up two-percent of the nation's dog population.
This is a statistic Baxter doesn't want to add to.

"Not a whole lot has been done about this one pit bull in our neighborhood." Baxter says, "it's quite scary."

Baxter claims the city of Crowley has done nothing to help even though some cities have banned pit bulls.
Many owners however, call that discrimination.

"People on the city council probably don't have a pit bull." Moreau says, "they're just going with what they hear."

"I don't think it's fair to discriminate just against pit bulls." Baxter says, "but something has to be done."



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