Jul 25, 2012 11:57 PM by Maddie Garrett

Animal Rights Activists and Shelter Manager Face Off at Meeting

The Iberia Parish Animal Shelter Manager responded to allegations of mistreating animals at Wednesday night's council meeting, as animal activists and the manager came face to face.

The activists wore badges that read "we are their voice" in reference to the animals they said need help at the shelter. The public and council asked several questions, including vaccinating the animals, proper care and cleanliness at the shelter.

"Lots of parvo, lots and lots of parvo," animal rights activist and pet owner Roxanna Gates. "A lot of animals that are very emaciated because we don't think they're being fed the proper amount of food or they're being fed very poor quality food. So we see lots and lots of skinny dogs,"

Manager Mike Stockstill said these allegations simply aren't true, "Fiction to create drama."

But the animal owners said they've been to the shelters and believe they've seen mistreatment first hand. They said Stockstill is denying it.

"We would hope they not renew his contract, and I can't state it any plainer than that," said Gates.

Stockstill knows adoption rates are low and says they're hoping to improve that. He said they don't give vaccinations at the shelter because they don't have a veterinarian on staff. He is not a full time manager and said it's up to the council on whether or not to budget for a full time supervisor at the shelter.

"If the parish council wants to hire an in-house veterinarian and, or provide funding for these additional program issues then I'll assist them in any way I possibly can," said Stockstill.

The State rates the Iberia Shelter as meeting all state standards. The Iberia Parish Council said it will work with the animal rights activists to get a list of questions for Stockstill that they want answered at the next public meeting in two weeks.



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