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Oct 10, 2013 10:41 PM by Erin Steuber

After Months, Melville Still Without Budget

A small St. Landry Parish town is still without a budget after months of meetings.The Town of Melville has not been able to adopt their $2.3 million dollar budget for this fiscal year because not enough council members are there for the meetings.

"We have 5 board members," said Mayor Willie Haynes. "Therefore we need 3 to have a quorum."

Some are not able to attend because of work. One other because of a serious medical issue.

"Unfortunately, Ms. McInnes has fallen ill and that has created the inability to create a quorum," said Haynes.

Councilmember Georgia McInnes' family has been working to get her letter of resignation to the state.

"Once the letter is sent into the Secretary of State we have 20 days to appoint someone else," said Haynes.

The council has been meeting since August, and has failed three times, to try and get the $2.3 million dollar budget adopted, and Monday they'll try again.

"As it stands right now the mayor has the authority to pay the bills. We have been paying our bills, but we still need a quorum to complete other responsibilities that are associated with the town," said Haynes.

The fiscal year started on September 30th without a budget. Therefore, the town is operating under last year's budget.



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