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Jun 1, 2012 11:13 PM by Maddie Garrett

After Almost 3 Months, Flood Victims Still Need Help Repairing Damage

It's almost three months since parts of Lafayette and St. Landry Parishes experienced devastating flash flooding. And still, many homes sit with water damage and the owners are left without the help they need to clean it up.

"Behind this wall we know there's mold and mildew and that's going to have to be removed," said Ginger Lecompte as she inspects one home in Arnaudville.

Lecompte is part of the Acadiana Long Term Recovery Coalition. Friday she went door-to-door, still finding many homes with lingering damage.

"What you see on the outside of the house may look normal, but then when you walk in you can smell the mold and mildew, you might can see it, you can see floors buckling," she explained.

Two neighbors, Elsie Lagrange and Mary Augustine, can not only see the water line, but they smell the real and dangerous problem.

"Mildew, it's smells like mildew over here," said Augustine.

Lagrange said she tried cleaning her home as best she could, but the problem lies within her walls, "It was hard, and it's still smelling."

What makes this disaster different from others, like a tornado or hurricane, is that the affected neighborhoods look like nothing ever happened. And that's why the long term recovery coalition doesn't want people to forget that help is still needed for these flood victims.

The Coalition is specifically targeting the elderly, disabled and the poor; those who may not have the resources to repair the damage.

"I need for somebody to come here and open up the walls to see if they don't have no mildew in there," said Augustine.

But to get the work done the coalition needs money, materials and man power.

The Coalition is asking for volunteers and donations of things like building supplies, paint, sheet rock, paneling and flooring, as well as refrigerators and furniture. Cash donations and gifts cards to home improvement stores are also welcome. If you want to help, call (337) 942-7815.



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