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Jul 2, 2014 8:56 AM

ACL Injuries: Who's most at risk?

We see it every year in college and pro sports- athletes out for the season with ACL injuries.

"Non-contact is actually the most common way of doing it and usually you see people, they're running, they sort of pivot, stop and go down."

For this reason, ACL injuries are commonly seen in soccer and even more so in women's soccer.

"There's so much cutting, there's so much agility related to soccer, you're cutting, you're jumping."

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Otis Drew says several factors make women more prone to this type of injury.

"Female athletes in particular have more of a bow to their legs and because of that it sort of increases their propensity to have ACL injuries."

More cases of ACL injuries in younger athletes are being reported. Drew says it's important for parents and coaches to make sure kids prepare accordingly.

"A lot of younger kids are playing these high level sports, soccer, baseball, things of that nature at a younger age."

In the end, Drew says ACL injuries can happen to even the most prepared athlete.

"Unfortunately, it's a matter of bad circumstances, just bad luck attributed to that."



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