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According to Car Website, Louisiana has Worst Drivers in U.S.

Louisiana has been ranked the #1 state in the country for the least skilled and most distracted drivers on the road.

That according to new data from The website used used statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drink Driving to rank America's drivers, state by state.

For the second year running, Louisiana took out the title, finishing in the top five for three of the five categories used as scoring criteria.

The categories are: fatality rates per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, failure to obey traffic signals and seatbelt laws, drunk driving, tickets issued for speeding and careless driving.

States were ranked for each category, then the rankings added up to one total score - the higher the score, the worse the driving.

Louisiana scored in the top five for failure to obey, tickets issued, and careless driving and came in with a total of 220.

South Carolina was the second-worst state for drivers, followed by Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and Florida.

Missouri and North Carolina tied for seventh place and Montana then North Dakota rounded out the top 10.

The country's best driving occurs in the state of Vermont, which finished with a total of 48.



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