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Apr 28, 2014 6:02 PM by KRISTEN HOLLOWAY

Acadiana woman's story on surviving cancer

Tonight an Acadiana woman shares her story about surviving cancer. Sarah West was diagnosed with Breast Cancer seven years ago.

After that diagnosis, West started circuit training at the Miles Perret Cancer Services Wellness Center. The programs at the center are free for people at various stages of recovery.

"I went for a yearly mammogram and 3 months later I found the lump myself, I ignored it," said West. "I went through ten rounds of chemo and thirty rounds of radiation and I'm a survivor and I'm still here."

For West, Miles Perrett Wellness Center is her second home. She says after chemo, circuit toning and gentle stretching helped improve her range of motion and gain her stability back.

"One of the things this program has helped me with is balance, I used to fall a lot right after chemo," said West. "It helped me practice better nutrition, I juice now and I've gotten off some of the drugs I have to take after chemo and I'm doing so well it's unbelievable."

The wellness center programs are free to anyone who's ever been diagnosed with cancer.

"Each client that comes in, they sort of get personal training and we help to find a moderate gentle exercise program, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, stretch, range of motion for them," said Wellness Director Alyson Schexnayder.

West says the wellness center goes beyond the yoga, pilates and support groups, she's says everyone one knows each other and it's like one big family

"It's great place to be, it's supportive, caring and I've meet some wonderful people and friends

The wellness center is open five days a week and late on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They are also open two Saturdays a month. To see a schedule head over to



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