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Changing coupon policies:

With the popularity of couponing on television and the internet, there has been an influx of shoppers using coupons to get extreme savings at all stores. As a result of the dramatic increase in coupon usage, stores have started limiting many of the coupon "perks" they offered in the past. There are some ways you can work around these restrictions and still get HUGE savings on the things you buy.

1. Know your store's policy. Always take a copy of your favorite store's updated
coupon policy with you when you go shopping.

2. Sign up for savings. Your email address is valuable to businesses. There are many ways to get high dollar coupons sent straight to your home or email address. Signing up for the store's loyalty card is a great to get them to send high value coupons straight to your mailbox or inbox.

3. Compare digital coupons to paper coupons. Most stores that offer digital
Coupons (coupons added to your loyalty card) have done away with allowing
you to stack these digital coupons with paper coupons. Before adding a digital
coupon to your loyalty card, make sure that it is the best deal. Once you add a
digital coupon to your card, their register will automatically use that coupon and
you will not be able to use your paper coupon.

4. Keep your coupons and list organized and on-hand in your car. It is easy to stop for a great sale when your out running errands and you're more likely to stop in and take advantage of those great sales at stores where you may not normally

5. Be prepared to make several transactions. Stores are tightening down on policies regarding the number of on sale items you can purchase per transaction. A simple solution to these restrictions is to make several transactions in one trip. You may have to get back in line, but most stores will allow you to make more than one transaction and keep your spot in line.

6. When in doubt, call the manager. Don't be afraid to call the store manager and
ask for clarification on their coupon policy. Always get the manager's name and
title and jot it down.

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