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May 14, 2014 7:50 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Acadiana's Biggest Loser: Courtney Robert

"I'm so strong!"

Two months ago, Courtney Robert says she couldn't even do one pushup. Now she can do that and then some.

"My next goal is a certain amount of burpees in a minute. When I first started I couldn't do one burpee."

As an extra incentive for people looking to lose big, HJ Adams of HIT Fitness created "Acadiana's Biggest Loser."

Robert says not only is her waistline getting smaller, but her self-confidence is getting bigger.

"It's in every area of my life I'm seeing changes."

While the workouts are not to be taken lightly, Robert says it's the overhaul of her eating habits that's been the biggest challenge.

"I weigh everything, I read labels, I don't eat fried food, haven't touched fast food in forever."

Robert says she was used to eating "off the cuff" and that now it's all about being prepared.

"I may have 15 tupperware containers in my refrigerator at any time."

After going through a divorce, Robert says she was looking for a fresh start. A native of Opelousas, she made the move to Lafayette. Robert says HIT was the push she needed to get serious about her health.

"I want this to be my life, like this isn't just a trip and then I'm gonna come back home, like this is home."

As she continues to adjust to her new "home" Robert says this lifestyle change is a welcome one.

"This is kind of the glue that everything else is sticking to and of course I'm not where I want to be, but I really do like myself more than I did."

Participants had to submit a video saying why they should be picked for this free 12-week program. The catch? In order to remain in the program they must attend four classes per week and stick to an strict eating plan. If you'd like anymore information about this program you can click here.



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