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May 15, 2014 7:34 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Acadiana's Biggest Loser: Cody Welliver

"This is a shirt that I actually haven't been able to wear in like two years."

Down 25 pounds in eight weeks and counting, Cody Welliver says he's physically and mentally tougher than he's ever been.

"Now knowing, seeing the results I've seen so far, knowing that I can get there with what I'm doing has helped motivate me every single day."

While he's motivated now, Welliver says that wasn't always the case. He says he actually considered himself lazy. Making this change, he says, was overwhelming at first.

"I struggled day to day, I couldn't do half the exercises I was expected to do, there were more than one occasions when I got in my car and I actually cried."

As Welliver makes this commitment to his life he's reminded of his father, whom he lost nearly a year ago.

"He struggled with his weight his entire life, had gastric, had lap band, had everything so I don't want that happening to me and my future family."

Growing up in Louisiana surrounded by friends and family, Welliver says food and drink were just a way of life. He says he's always been big, making his progress that much sweeter.

"When I get down to the size I want to be it'll be the first time I've ever been there."

Participants had to submit a video saying why they should be picked for this free 12-week program. In order to remain in the program they must attend four classes per week and stick to an strict eating plan. If you'd like anymore information about this program you can click here.



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