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May 16, 2014 8:32 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Acadiana's Biggest Loser: Charles Hilt

"The easy thing is showing up."

And then comes the hard part. A sometimes grueling, 45 minute, high intensity interval workout. Acadiana's Biggest Loser hopeful Charles Hilt says he struggled to keep up at first.

"Slowly, over a period of time, you can see yourself keeping up with them a little bit more."

Thanks to Facebook, Hilt says he noticed the progress of family members on their own journeys toward healthy living and it gave him the push he needed.

"It leaves you without an excuse to make for yourself in your mind."

while hilt says the easy part is showing up and the workouts are getting easier, the eating plan is another story.

"The diet was the hardest thing, by far, ya know, just saying no to all the good food we have here."

Now Hilt is saying no to sodas, yes to vegetables and trading white bread for wheat. he says he no longer sees it as a diet, but instead a lifestyle change.

"You see everyone else succeed, the success they're having and you learn that the lifestyle change is a good thing."

Hilt says bottom line- anybody can do it.

"It comes down to how much you put into it. If you put the work in you're going to see results."

The eight Biggest Loser participants are wrapping up week ten of the free, 12-week program. They've been doing weekly weigh-ins, but it's all under wraps until the end when they'll find out who is the biggest loser.

For more information on HIT Fitness with H.J. or how to get involved in the next Acadiana's Biggest Loser contest you can click here to see the HIT Facebook page. There you'll find all contact information and details on joining the gym.



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