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Nov 1, 2012 3:40 PM by KATC

Acadiana's Angels: Travis

Like many five year olds who dress themselves, this little man put his shoes on the wrong feet. We made the switch and sat down to talk.

He looks across the gym equipment and asks, "What's he doing?"

" He's recording you so we can put you on tv. Is that ok?" I asked.


Now that that's out of the way, our interview gets started.

" What's your name?" I asked.


Travis tells me lots of things. He likes trucks, Cartoon Network, and loves eating at Texas Roadhouse. Before we head off to play, he says, "I need a new house."

And that new house is exactly what we are trying to help him find.

" Travis is adorable," says his foster mother Tracy Hall. " He is so much fun to be around."

Tracy has been Travis' foster mother for the past four years.

"He loves to give hugs and kisses."

She says he lives with ADHD but...

" Travis has come a long way. When he first came to me, my heart just went out to Travis."

The perfect home for his smiling face is one with at least one parent. That person must be patient, willing to play and more than anything, have lots of love to give.

Travis will celebrate his 6th birthday on Friday.

If you you like to make Travis' sixth year of life the most special yet, contact the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services at 262-5970.

You could be the difference in the life of an angel.



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