Apr 18, 2013 11:30 PM by Erin Steuber

Acadiana Runners United for Boston

Tonight, a show of support for the City of Boston right here in Acadiana. Dozens of runner's hit the streets in a show of solidarity, and although Lafayette is 1,600 miles away from Boston, the 3 mile run made it feel even closer. And runners of all ages hit the road to show their support for the northern city.

"I like to run and I wanted to be with my family," said Gabrielle Gray.

"Like you can't defeat people; When you have a goal, and they have something in mind that they want to accomplish, something that they're going to strive for," said event coordinator Katie Waldrop. "It's about getting everyone together and showing inspiration in spirit."

About 30 people laced up for the run, organized by Waldrop.

"Most of these people that were affected worked their entire lives for this. And for someone to come along and destroy that, part of their lives, something that they've worked on for their entire lives," said Waldrop.

"I felt, as I think all runners felt, that need to just get out and run," said Personally Fit Owner Dawn Foreman.

They ran along Camelia Boulevard in blue, one of the colors of the Boston Athletic Association.

"Every time you meet a runner there is always something in common. Even if you haven't even met the people that were there, you still have that bond with them and still feel the need to do something," said Foreman.

A short run, but a big show of support for Boston.


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