Sep 11, 2011 12:19 PM by Chris Welty

Acadiana Religious Leaders Reflect on 911

Everyone remembers where they were 10 years ago tomorrow, but how people have dealt with the pass 10 years has been very different. KATC'S Chris Welty shows us, for many its been about keeping the faith.

With the tenth anniversary of 9-11 just hours away, the world is reflecting and remembering.

"We're all still in a sense of mourning, a sense of berivement for the lives that were taken and for all those who were perished. we're all trying to have faith in a better time, a time of shalom," said Rabbi Barry Weinstein of Temple Shalom in Lafayette.

Many will be turning to their faith this weekend, no matter what your faith, trying to find some peace amid the reminders of that dark day ten years ago.

"The message of sacred scripture is about compassion, and forgiveness and love. It's a reminder of how frail life can be, and it holds us all to a level of accountability on our own journey of faith," said Rev. Chester Areceneaux, Pastor of St. John's Cathedral.

"This world would become a totally different world if we could do with lots of love and a lot less hatred," said Hasham Tillawi, President of the Islamic Center of Lafayette. Tillawi also says all those who died were different religions and different creeds, but they all died together, and it is important to remember to come together and that we live in a small world where it is important to respect each other.

It was the attack that shook the world, and shook people of different faiths. Sunday, religious leaders will stress the importance of faith and the illuminating power of prayer through dark times.

Chris Welty



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