May 21, 2013 6:00 PM by Chris Welty

Acadiana Red Cross Volunteers Heading to Oklahoma

Right now, representatives from the Acadiana chapter of the American Red Cross are on their way to Oklahoma City to see how they can help.

One couple is hitting the road eager to re-pay others for the kindness they received when storms have struck here.

"Your heart goes out to these people. You know they've gone through a lot and with the children, it makes it even worse."

For three years, Cynthia Boudreaux and her husband, Bobby, have volunteered with the Red Cross. The retired couple says it feels good to have the time to help those in need.

"The need, it's wherever the need is and we're ready to go," said Cynthia.

The Boudreaux's had only hours to prepare for the Oklahoma trip. They're not sure how long they'll be there, but are willing to stay as long as they can.

"We're proud our volunteers are going to help. Normally, we're on the receiving end with our hurricanes, but now, we are able to go help them," said Community Chapters Executive Tony Credeur.

The disaster relief vehicles travel with as little as possible to get to their destination quickly. Once they arrive, they do have supplies on the ground, but they also try to purchase from local businesses still open to support their economy.

"Local businesses and that need the income to continue to hire the people that have been affected by the storm so they have place to work and income coming in," said Credeur.

This is the first time the Boudreauxs have provided post-tornado relief. They expect an emotional trip, seeing the destruction first hand and trying to comfort the victims.

"They always appreciate whatever you do," said Cynthia Boudreaux.

The Red Cross is not looking for clothing or food donations.

If you would like to help, they are looking for monetary donations for supplies.

You can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or send a $10 donation by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999

Finally, you can also contact the Acadiana Chapter for the American Red Cross at 101 N. Pat Street in Scott, LA 70583

Chris Welty


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