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Apr 15, 2013 11:54 PM by Steven Albritton

Acadiana Locals Miss Boston Explosion By Eight Minutes

It was supposed to be a day for Kathryn Jarrell to honor and remember her daughter Sarah. Last year, Opelousas teenagers Sarah Jarrell and her friend Morgan Adams, were killed in car accident. This year Kathryn, her friend Jennifer Castille, and a group of supporters traveled to Boston to take on the historic marathon. Jarrell and Castille were the only ones to run the race. They completed the course in just over four hours. Only minutes after crossing the finish line explosions went off two blocks behind them

"We had just crossed the finish line. They were handing us our medals and we were walking with my son, who jumped over the barricade to run the last 500 feet with us. He's the one who actually heard it first. We turned and saw a big smoke bomb and a few seconds later their was a second smoke bomb," Kathryn Jarrell said.

Two bombs, 50 to 100 yards apart, went off. 12 people traveled with Jarrell and Castille to cheer them on through the finish line. They were standing near the bombs went off only minutes before.

"It was right directly in our path behind us a couple blocks. It's crazy. It's so somber right now, but it's very calm. It's not chaotic where we were.They were just directing people telling people to move,"Jennifer Castille said.

The group was separated at first but everyone reunited at a nearby hotel. Everyone is OK and they are expected to fly back to home on Tuesday.


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