Nov 13, 2012 11:54 PM by Maddie Garrett

Acadian Paramedics Honor Boy for Bravery After Crash

Acadian Ambulance rewarded an unlikely hero Tuesday for his bravery and help after he and his family were involved in a car crash. He just nine years old when the accident happened, and the paramedics say not only did he keep calm, but he helped his older brother and grandmother after the accident.

Meet sixth grader Saje Legendre: "I was me, myself I was freaking out inside."

But on the outside, Legendre was cool, calm and collected in the moments following an accident back in August.

"He was very encouraging, the calmest I had ever seen any patient ever be," said Acadian paramedic Tim Smith.

Legendre's grandmother added, "You don't see that too much, where a nine year old stays so calm and the adults are panicking."

Legendre said while his brother was hyperventilating he tried to help calm him down after they had been hit.

"I put my hand on his shoulder and I waited for the people to come, I was anxious to know if Trey was going to be ok or not," he said about his brother.

And when the paramedics told Legendre how to stabilize his grandmother, that's just what he did.

"He was just worried about us, he did what the EMT's said, he put his hands on my head to hold it straight so they could put the neck collar on and I all I could hear was he was so worried about us and it just touched my heart."

Paramedics said Legendre wouldn't even let them take care of him without first making sure his family was ok.

"He insisted that we take care of his grandmother first," said Smith.

But to Legendre, the whole ordeal was no big deal, he said "It wasn't that much, it's every day kind of thing for me. Except I'm not in a car wreck everyday."

Acadian Ambulance honored Legendre with an award and other gifts Tuesday for his bravery and help during the emergency.



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