May 17, 2010 7:20 PM by Letitia Walker

Abbeville Water Troubles

A state of emergency was called in Abbeville due to excessive leaks in the water system.  According to the mayor, the problems couldn't get fixed quick enough due to several people resigning from the water department and one employee being deployed to Iraq.  Last week, at a council meeting, the state of emergency was called so Mayor Piazza could hire a contractor immediately to repair the leaks.  Otherwise, there would have had to have a vote, which would have taken more time. Last week there were 28 leaks, with only three men to repair them.  Today there are only six leaks remaining.  

The mayor says several factors led to the increase in leaks including the drought and heavy machinery rolling through the city.  Piazza assures residents the water is safe to drink and crews will remain in town for the next few days.


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