Jun 4, 2014 11:39 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Abbeville residents rally for "Stop The Violence" march

In Abbeville, another "Stop The Violence" rally hit the streets, with participants taking a stand against ongoing crime in several neighborhoods.

The march has happened every year since 2012, which was the year Abbeville had seven homicides. Abbeville Police said last year there were four homicides, and this year there have been two.

But organizers said Wednesday's rally was about trying to put an end to all violence, especially in neighborhoods that seem to be hit the hardest. Almost 30 people took to the streets to have their voices heard.

"I almost got murdered, so I understand the mentality. But I'm so glad that has changed, and now what I'm hoping is to tell my story, so that hopefully somebody else can share that they escaped it as well," said Lawrence Levy, who organized the anti-violence march. He said he was even threatened for trying to put it on.

"I'm not afraid of death for a purpose such as this. You know, so the threats, I'm not bothered by them, none in the least," said Levy.

It's the third time the "Stop The Violence" rally has marched through the streets of Abbeville. Residents hope it can finally bring the change they've been hoping for.

"It's very scary because I have my grandkids here, and I'm scared for them to play in the yard," said Alice Ford, who has lived by Dutel and Franks Alley for 23 years.

She said it's hard to sleep at night, especially since her grandson was shot in May. She said he's okay, but others haven't been so lucky.

"You know, innocent children play around here, ride their bicycles. (Someone shooting) could hit them. A bullet does not have a name," Ford said.



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