Dec 21, 2011 10:24 PM by Maddie Garrett

Abbeville Police Step Up Patrols After Series of Business Burglaries

Abbeville Police are stepping up patrols after several burglaries across the city. Police believe a single suspect is responsible for roughly seven burglaries in the past two weeks, almost all at area businesses.

Beth Looney runs Curves in Abbeville, and until last Friday, thought it was a safe place for business.

"I've been here, it will be the 15th year of my Curves being in this location. Always been very safe, you know, we've never had a break in," said Looney.

But a few days ago a burglar hit her gym, after police say the suspect broke into an outside window at another business down the hall. Looney says the suspect broke two windows and climbed inside, all to get to a small amount of cash in her register.

"I do the raffle for the Abbeville Band... So he found my money for the raffle, but in all it wasn't a huge amount of money," she said.

Abbeville Police Chief Tony Hardy said unfortunately crimes like these spike during the holidays.

"Hard times, people do desperate things," said Hardy.

He said they believe the same suspect is responsible and he's only after one thing.

"The suspect has been taking mostly loose change, cash. He's not out for DVD players or things of that nature, he's strictly looking for money," explained Hardy.

Hardy confirmed they're taking action and have been working the case for two weeks now. Meanwhile, business owners are encouraged to be extra careful.

"For a moment there, in a quiet moment, I just almost wanted to cry about it, because it just makes you feel a little bit violated and out of control," Looney said of the incident.



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