Dec 11, 2012 11:29 PM by Maddie Garrett

Abbeville Man Says He Saw Heaven After Being Brought Back to Life

This time of year, a lot of people focus on their faith. But an Abbeville man said he has a whole new outlook on faith after he died and came back to life. Ronnie Trahan said he knows Heaven is real, because he's been there.

As Ronnie throws a baseball to his two youngest children in front of their home, every throw, every catch and every word of encouragement is a blessing for him and his family.

"Thankful to God that I'm here to enjoy my kids and watch them play baseball," said Ronnie in between pitches.

Two months ago, playing ball was almost a memory for them.

"I watched him die, he died in front of me, he took his last breath in front of me that day," recalled his wife, Catherine Trahan.

Doctors told Ronnie his normally low heart rate had spiked erratically that day in October, and then it stopped all together. Abbeville Firefighters and Acadian Ambulance paramedics revived him, but by the time he got to the hospital, Ronnie was gone.

"When I got to the hospital the doctor basically said he was working on a corpse for 45 minutes," said Ronnie.

He said he's not sure why the doctor didn't give up after 15 minutes. But during that time, Ronnie said he wasn't in pain and he wasn't suffering. He was somewhere else: Heaven.

Ronnie describes his out-of-body experience, "But these people in black had crosses on the back of them and they were going in a counter clockwise circle. And everything was going up and next thing you know I was outside and then I was inside the circle and I went straight up to Heaven where you can see the clouds and everything was pretty," said Ronnie. "Bright, bright, everything was bright."

That bright light you always hear about - Ronnie said he was in it. And then he saw something else.

"And I noticed a little building over here, like a steeple. It was all crystal with some gold trimmings. And then I was in there and then all of a sudden it just opened up like this and the angels came flying out with me as a little light, came straight up and shot straight down," he said.

Ronnie said he remembers asking God to send him back for his wife and children, even though he didn't want to leave.

"Heaven, it's real. When you're there, you feel nothing but peace. It's just peace and you forget about what's on this earth, it's just peaceful up there," explained Ronnie.

But Ronnie has found a new peace back here on earth, and a stronger faith than ever.

"A lot of people who know me, know I'm not that religious," he said, but now it's a different story. "Been reading the Bible every morning, reading the Bible at night, it's just, I got to keep the Lord right here with me because I want to make it back here someday."

Back outside playing ball, he said he wants to make sure his children make it there too, "And as I'm striving to get to Heaven, I want to make sure they're striving too."



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