Nov 5, 2013 11:32 PM by Erin Steuber

Abbeville Man Helping Dog Recovering from Burns in Baton Rouge

An Acadiana man is getting a big thank you for donating money for a dog's vet bills. That dog, named Zoey, was almost killed Thursday in Baton Rouge when a young boy set her kennel on fire, with the dog inside. The owner rescued the dog, but had to turn her over to a shelter because of the high vet bills. And that's where someone from Acadiana stepped in.

Just like any other day, Morgan LeBlanc of Abbeville sat down to watch the news, but last week, a story captured his attention, and his heart.

"They showed this poor little dog that had been burned and I just felt sorry for him. He just looked horrible," said LeBlanc. "Whether it would have been Baton Rouge or Dallas, TX, it wouldn't have mattered to me. I just felt the dog needed help and I wanted to contribute so I did."

And 80 miles away in Baton Rouge that dog, a terrier named Zoey, is recovering from second-degree burns to all four of her paws and belly.

"I just hope the dog gets better. I hope the dog gets adopted," said LeBlanc. "And most of all I hope the kid gets better because that's where the problem's at."

The boy accused of setting the dog on fire is 9-years-old, too young to face charges.

And being a dog owner himself, LeBlanc knows from experience the toll vet bills can take.

"My dog had lymphoma and we did everything we could. We took it to LSU Medical School and they wanted to go through chemo and the whole smear," said LeBlanc. "She didn't make it. So I felt compelled to send something."

But Zoey is expected to make a full recovery in the next three to four weeks, and at that point will be up for adoption.

"We're very happy with her progress. The main thing for us now is controlling her pain," said Veterinarian Katrin Saile. "Seeing a dog like Zoey with such a kind heart, and who really just wants to be held and cuddled; To have something like this happen to her is the worst thing, in my opinion, that could happen to an animal."

Zoey is in the care of Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge. For more information on how to donate, or how to contribute to Zoey's care call 225.774.7701.



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