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Sep 25, 2013 1:21 PM by Tracy Wirtz

A Visit With the Acadia Animal Shelter Dogs

I had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't take them home. As Erin Steuber and anyone who has covered these types of stories knows, the hardest part is wanting to save every single one of those sweet faces that looks at you longingly. That doesn't get any easier. The reality is that people abandon animals and leave someone else to take care of them. Because that happens, we must do what we can to show you that there are those animals like the ones you will see here who need a good home. And they are so incredibly sweet!

Please take some time to look through these photos. All of the animals up for adoption are not pictured here. This is just a sampling. There's Bubba, the black and white dog who is house-trained. He has a white face and one black eye. He's a cutie! Sweet Julie is a springer spaniel mix with light-colored eyes and a soft temperament who seems to get along very well with other dogs. She's just a puppy, but she has very long legs!

Cody is a wired-haired terrier/schnauzer mix. He's an odd looking fellow who likes to bark while he's in his pen but is full of energy and has a "smile" once he's let out! He's quite handsome, actually, and just hasn't been given a chance. That seems to be the case with many of these dogs.

There are two that stole my heart. They seem to be of a similar breed. I'm not sure what, to be honest. One is black and white, the other is a reddish/blonde color. So very sweet. The lighter one was timid and shy, but warmed up and wanted to cuddle and be petted. Who doesn't?

Off in a corner kennel, staring up at me through what seemed like a painted face, was a hound dog. He doesn't have a name, but he was beautiful. His build and droopy eyes reminded me of the bloodhound on Lady & The Tramp. We took him out and walked him around, and he looked very regal. He doesn't have a name. Hopefully, he will have a new master soon that will give him one that will suit him. Maybe it will be something as friendly as "George" or as stately as "Roi." (By the way, for those of you who don't speak French, that means "king.") Whatever his given name, I know he will just be happy to have someone to love him.

The Acadia Animal Control Shelter has many pitbull mixes, as well. These dogs get a lot of bad press. There's a beautiful young lady who is white with brindle spots. She's playful and kind and gentle. She has a "smile" that makes you want to roll around on the ground with her. They have them in all shapes and sizes. Much like the one who is mostly black with some light brown and brindle spots on his sweet head.

I was fortunate enough to see one of these dogs leaving with a new master as I drove up. I saw another one, a lab mix, getting adopted during my visit. His new "mom" just lost a dog and needed to fill the void. By the time I left, they had adopted out about 3 or 4 of the animals. A rescue group out of Texas will pick up another tomorrow. But as Chandra, one of the shelter workers told me, they are still over capacity. And she made this statement as she hung her head with a sorrowful look on her face.

It's difficult for these people who work at these shelters to have to do what they do. They truly get attached to these animals. They are (most of them, at least) animal lovers. One of them even had her own personal dog with her there today. Kudos to them for doing everything they can, under tough circumstances.

For those of you who would like to adopt from the Acadia Animal Control Shelter, the fee is $25. The animals are given the 5-in-1 shot. And, as Chandra told one person adopting: Please take care of that puppy. I may be your friend, but I'll arrest you if you treat it badly!

She really believes in what she does.


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