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Aug 23, 2011 5:55 PM by Melissa Hawkes

A New Sheriff Will Take Over Jeff Davis Parish

Candidates are getting ready to start campaigning with election season upon us. The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff isn't running for a seventh term, so a new sheriff will be taking over.

So far five candidates have announced they are running. All the candidates say there's two major issues-cracking down on crime and solving the eight unsolved murders which have happened over the past few years in Jennings.

Candidate AJ Gotraeux said, "it should have been solved a long time ago at least one. They should come up with some type of answer for us."

Candidate Ivy Woods said, "it doesn't scare me. I welcome the challenge."

Candidate Larry Dupuis said, "we work good as a task force and a team and we'll continue to do that til all are solved."

Candidate Jesse Ewing said, "it makes me want to go out and solve these homicides. It's my number one goal."

All the candidates have some type of law enforcement background, but plan on taking different approaches to solve the Jennings eight case.

"I'm going to go out in the street and investigate myself, I have to," Gotrauex said.

Woods said, "I just think someone needs to come in there and get another view at it evaluate their investigations and see if we can solve them."

"Looking at a balanced scale here," Ewing said. "Not only solving these crimes but preventing them from happening at the same time."

KATC wasn't able to get in touch with the fifth candidate. Candidates have until September 8th to qualify for this election, so there may still be more people who decide to enter this race. Voters will decide who they want their next sheriff to be on election day on October 22.



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