Jul 1, 2013 7:52 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

A mother speaks, concern for her autistic child

Autism affects millions across the country, and nation-wide one in 50 children cope with the disease. The Autism Society of Acadiana in Lafayette says that autism touches at least 650 families in the region.

Now a mother from Carencro, with an autistic child is speaking out...Gabriela Angulo says at times her child is mistreated in public places, and the incidents are becoming far too frequent...Even waiting in the grocery line.

"Every person I would come across on the way over there was...What the "F" is wrong with him? Someone needs to give him a whooping...What kind of child are you raising?" Angulo said.

It's those reactions about her four-year-old Marcus Angulo that worry her.

"I wanted to cry bad, but I was like I have to keep myself together, keep myself together because if he's crying and I'm crying it's just going to make it worse," Angulo said.

Marcus was diagnosed with autism about a year ago, and she doesn't want anything to set back the progress he's made in his development.

"The last thing you want is somebody treating your child that way, even if they can't understand, you hear it and it's your child," Angulo said.

Set-backs are possible explains doctor Joslyn McCoy.

"If someone reacts in a way that is not very supportive, then they may have additional stress that may lead to behavioral outbursts or tantrum meltdown," Dr. McCoy said.

"I know I'm not the only one that's gone through this, and for anybody else that's gone through this you're not alone, it happens to the most of us and I'm speaking out because I don't want it to continue," Angulo said.

A voice for her and Marcus.



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