Jan 5, 2010 7:19 PM by Jon Carrere

A Last Taste of Home

Members of the 156th in Crowley were treated to their last home-cooked meal for a year.

"Doesn't get better than this."

Words muttered by National Gaurd Specialist Donald Thibodeaux in between bites.

Soldiers of the 3rd battalion of the 156th infantry brigade savored all they could.

They know it will be a long time before they get another chance to sit down and eat a good home cooked meal.

"You feel like a family all together and everybody can come united before they leave," says Thibodeaux.

None of this would be possible if it weren't for community members like Terry Romero.

Somebody suggested he do something special.

Thanks to donations of food and money, Terry's big pot of gumbo made its way to the Crowley National Armory.

"They gone be stuck out there for a year an no telling what they gonna be able to eat," says Romero, "it's just something i feel they deserve."

But it wasn't only about filling up before shipping out.

Community support plays a vital part in the guard's success.

"It lets them know they have a mission that they're gonna be taken care of and that they're families are going to be taken care of," says Captian Kevin McBride.

Members of the 156th who have served earlier tours say Acadiana supports their troops like no other area in the country.


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