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Jun 6, 2014 8:11 PM by Ashlea Bullington

A House Divided: A Rebel in the Cajun Midst

Thanks to this weekend's Super Regional pitting Ragin' Cajuns against the Rebels, Lafayette's own Olde Tyme Grocery is now a house divided.

The Murphree family's neighborhood restaurant is a proud supporter of the University of Louisiana, but the oldest of the five Murphree children, Becca, just happens to be a diehard Rebel alumnus. That's a fact that's hard to reconcile with her father, Glen, and her brother, Ross, both of whom are Ragin' Cajuns through and through.

"It is definitely a house divided. What do you think?" asks Becca.

Ross is quick to clarify the family's stance on the matter.

"Olde Tyme is known as a full-on Cajun supporter and we do anything we can to help our sports teams, but we have a little Ole Miss connection here. So, of course we are going to support them as much as possible as well," Ross says.

"They gave me about .01 percent they took 99.9 percent," Becca says.

Becca tells KATC that she had been cheering for the Cajuns up until this point to keep peace with an entire family of Cajun fans, but since her team is now in town, it's time to switch sides.

The Murphrees project to have high turnout of restaurant customers this weekend who are both Rebel and Cajun fans. The employees say they're psyched for all the smack talking and fun rivalry that will come to visit with restaurant patrons of opposing fandoms.

"This weekend is going to be a fun atmosphere. We are excited for it to begin," Keith Ozene, Olde Tyme Employee. To encourage festive sportsmanship, the store will be decked out in the memorabilia of both UL and Ole Miss.

In support of his sister's Rebels, brother Ross says the restaurant will be serving the Rebel baseball team on Saturday, but not without a little side-dish of Cajun flair.

"I am going to write 'Geaux Cajuns' and put it in their lunch sacks," Ross explains.



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