Apr 5, 2013 8:35 AM by Kristen Holloway

A Fresh Start For Council on Aging in St. Martin Parish

A fresh start for one non-profit organization after recent board and staff resignations. Its Wayne LeJeune first week on the job serving as Executive Director for the Saint Martin Parish Council on Aging. He says they're in the development stage and building a plan for the future.
"First order of business for me is to get a hold of funds especially in a situation such as a Council on Aging where funding comes from several different sources," said LeJeune.
His biggest challenge major budget cuts anticipated later this year which could put a strain on non-profits like Council on Aging. We have to prepare for that eventually happening I'm not saying it will but if it does happen we have to have a plan on how to deal with it," said LeJeune.
The economic situation in the United States while people may say its getting better especially for non-profits its even more challenging because the cost of delivering services keeps going up. Services like the meals on wheels program and recreational activities could possibly be affected. So I asked him, considering you have all new board members and new staff, will it be difficult to move forward with a plan of action.
"That's actually an advantage, not only do we have a new staff, we have a new board of directors. Everything is new in the past couple months so we're all starting out at square one," said LeJeune.
LeJeune says he's not interested the old problems thats happened is in the past, he's more concerned about the future.
"Yea I'm very excited to be hear this a new challenge, this somewhat of a rebuilding effort for the council and we're going to proceed and make Saint Martin Council on Aging better than its ever been," said LeJeune.
Lejeune says his number one goal is to increase public awareness that the Council on Aging is in Saint Martin Parish. Also it is exactly what it does, help older adults and he wants to stress to people that you may need these services one day.


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