Jul 5, 2012 7:25 PM by Jenise Fernandez

A Blood Shortage Across Acadiana

A blood shortage across Acadiana, with donations helping to save a man's life.The victim of a home invasion shooting is now in stable, but critical condition. Zeus manager, Yousef Balbeisi was shot after confronting the person who broke into his home in Lafayette. Police are investigating the case. The family asking the community to donate blood in Balbeisi's name at Our Lady of Lourdes. According to the family's spokesperson, the blood donations are keeping Balbeisi stable.

"Especially with the wound Yousef is dealing with, there was a tremendous amount of blood loss," said Amy Jones, the family's spokesperson.

Those blood donations are crucial this time of year. Blood banks across Acadiana are experiencing a shortage.

"The increase is so high in blood usage, we definitely are at a shortage right now," said Our Lady of Lourdes blood donor recruiter, Wendy Moore.

Seeing empty beds and a empty refrigerator is usual at Our Lady of Lourdes blood bank during the summer.

"Usually in the summer people are on vacation, it's hot, their routines are messed up, so they don't have the time they normally do to come and donate," said Moore.

Regardless of the reason, Moore says it's disheartening. Blood that's donated isn't just used for patients involved in accidents, but blood donations are critical for cancer patients and anyone undergoing surgery.

"I've had people in my family that have needed blood. It's depressing to know people don't try," said Moore.

Right now, Our Lady of Lourdes blood bank is in need of O-negative, O-positive, and A-negative.Moore says 95 percent of Americans over the age of 16 can donate blood, but only 5 percent do.

"The medical community hasn't figured out how to make blood, we completely rely on human donations," said Moore.

And one pint of blood can save up to three lives. Moore says the amount of blood a person needs varies on the situation.

"Every surgery is different. Every patient is different in size, shape, and blood loss. It depends how fast your body recoups. The second you donate, your blood starts making new blood cells," said Moore.

Yousef Balbeisi's family is asking the community to continue donating blood in Yousef's name at the Our Lady of Lourdes blood bank. They're asking for all blood types.



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