Jun 28, 2011 7:09 PM by Melissa Hawkes

8 Year Old Recovering After Lawn Mower Accident

A Basile boy walks for the first time after getting in a lawn mower accident four months ago.
He's been in a wheelchair and gone through multiple surgeries, and finally took his first steps today.

Eight year old, Beaux Bushnell, said "my brother was mowing the lawn and I tried to jump on it and my foot went under the blade."

"My daughter comes running in screaming saying Beaux's stuck! I thought he was stuck in the ditch," his mom, Danielle Bushnell, said.

Danielle rushed outside to find Beaux's foot stuck underneath the lawnmower.
"I was scared to death," Danielle said. "A million things went through my head that he's never going to walk again."

Statistics show every single year about 200 thousand people are injured by lawn mower blades. About 600 children actually lose limbs, but fortunately, Beaux was one of the lucky ones.
He spent a few months in a wheel chair for two months. He's been using crutches since then, but can't wait to start walking again.

Dr. Gabriel Dersan, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, said "I think he's made more progress than most. I think that's due to Beaux's determination."
His mother said, "it's a miracle."


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