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6th Annual International Petanque Tournament

The Sixth International Petanque Tournament of Lafayette, Louisiana scheduled in Girard Park, Lafayette, Louisiana. Petanque is a French outdoor game played with hand-sized chrome balls rolled on a crushed stone court.

March 28: Friday Night 5:00 PM- Welcome to Visiting Players at the French Table at Johnston Street Java, a coffee house.

March 29: Saturday Afternoon 2:00 PM - Practice and Pick up Games at the Girard Park

March 29: Saturday Night 6:00 PM- Cajun Music and Food events at local restaurants and venues.

March 30: Sunday - Adult's Tournament 9:00 PM


Lafayette Louisiana, the heart of Cajun Country, in the north end of Girard Park on Girard Park Lane near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Alumni House.

The tournament is being sponsored by La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette, a local club of petanque players who are members of the Petanque Federation of USA.

Informational Contact:

Call: 337 - 654 - 9467

Mike LeBlanc
La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette
Post Office Box 5111
Lafayette, LA 70502




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