Aug 26, 2013 11:42 PM by Steven Albritton

4 Days Pass Between Warrant Issued for Bertrands' Arrest, Deputies Attempt To Arrest

The investigation into the death of a 20-year-old Acadia Parish woman continues, as deputies are investigating her step father as a person of interest. Sklar Credeur was found dead in her bath tub and it was initially ruled an accident. Deputies were called back to the home when Kerry Bertrand, her step father, was found in the attic. Before Credeur was found, Bertrand had a warrant for his arrest already issued. Credeur and her mother both filed for protective orders to keep Bertrand away after he was released from jail on August 12th. Upon learning of his release, Credeur went to State Police who then got in touch with the D.A.'s office to get a warrant for his arrest for molestation of a juvenile.

The arrest warrant for Bertrand was signed on August 16th, but deputies didn't try to pick him up until August 20th. The D.A.'s office says they signed the warrant and it's up the Acadia Parish Sheriff's office to enforce it.  The Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office says they didn't get the warrant until the 20th, and they attempted to enforce it immediately. 

District Attorney Mike Harson says, once he and a judge signs the warrant it goes out to law enforcement.

"Usually, the investigative detective usually takes the warrant, gets it signed by the judge and then tries to execute it. Now, what happened to it after it was signed Friday, I don't have any idea," Harson said.

Acadia Parish Deputies chose not to be interviewed for this story, but say they didn't find out about the warrant until Tuesday, August 20th. That day, deputies went to the Crowley Inn, where Bertrand was staying but he ran off before he could be arrested. Skylar Credeur was murdered the next day.

It took four days to serve the warrant, but officials don't know why. Neither the D.A., nor the Sheriff's office could give KATC an answer about the gap. One thing we do know is that during those four days, deputies knew where Bertrand was staying. Deputies served him with the two protective orders.

Harson says, this attempt to arrest him could have been what led Bertrand back to where he was forbidden to go.

"Unfortunately, I feel that perhaps by trying that may have ultimately led to him reacting to it because now at first he thinks he's getting off with something or by with something. All of a sudden now he's seeing police wanting to come arrest him again. That may have set him off as well," Harson said.

Bertrand still has not been formally charged with murder, but Harson says he does intend to pursue first-degree murder charges.


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