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38th Annual Frog Festival: Frog Jumping and Racing Contest

The 38th Annual Rayne Frog Festival are inviting visitors to participate in the unique Frog Racing and Jumping contests. The contests will be held from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm, Saturday, November 13th, under the Festival Pavilion. The Frog Racing and Jumping contests made their debut appearance at the third annual Frog Festival in Rayne. Since then, they have proven to be one of the most popular festival events, offering festival-goers a change to "get in on the action" and handle real, live frogs. Over 50 entries from throughout the United States participated in both events at that first annual contest in 1975. The frog racing and jumping contests came into existence because of correspondence between the Rayne Acadian Tribune and officials in other states where frog jumps and races were held annually and were huge successes. The Rayne Jaycees joined the Tribune in sponsoring the event, by providing frogs to rent and helping to measure the jumps.
To participate, a person has the option of entering the 'frog racing' or 'frog jumping' contest. A contestant may bring a frog or rent one for a small fee from the Rayne Jaycees.

Racing Contest Rules

1.Frogs must measure at least four inches from nose to tail and must be bullfrogs, toads or spring frogs. Little green tree frogs are not allowed due to the fact that the sponsors will not accept the responsibility for damages incurred by the little critters if they are walked upon.

2.All frogs must be named to avoid frog-calling confusion.

3.Contestants may not feed their frogs Tabasco or any other Louisiana hot sauce to make them jump farther. Also, contestants may not feed their opponents' frogs any Louisiana rice or soybeans to slow them down.

4.Frogs may not be touched once the race is underway. A reluctant entrant may be convinced to move by blowing on it, shouting at it, jumping up and down, or any other means with the exception of touching. Touching the frog means instant disqualification.

5.Frogs will be raced in heats, with each frog being placed within a circle. The frogs will be allowed a specified amount of time to reach the finish line, which is the drawn line surrounding the circle. The first frog to reach the finish line in the allotted time will be declared the winner of that hear and will advance to the next phase of semi-finals and then the finals.

Jumping Contest Rules

1.Racing contests rules 1-4 also apply to the Jumping Contest.

2.Each frog will be permitted three jumps. The distance from the starting point to the point where the frog lands on the third jump will be measured to determine the winner.

On stage, when the call of Ils Sonte Parti is sounded, the frogs will be off and hopping, jumping and leaping - hopefully toward the finish line, but you never know! You just have to be there for all the fun on Saturday, November 13th, under the new pavilion at the Rayne Frog Festival. For more information, visit our website at




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