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Nov 3, 2013 9:53 PM by Chris Welty

29th Annual Giant Omelette Celebration a Success

The 29th annual Giant Omelette celebration is in the history books.

The two day festival in Abbeville is filled with great food, music and activities bringing the city closer to its French heritage.

Hundreds of people pack the streets of Abbeville for the annual Giant Omelette Celebration. The tradition dates back decades from France.

"There is a legend with Napoleon. When my grandfather was young boy, he'd go farm to farm gathering eggs and preparing omelette for poor people in the village," said Christina Bonnet of France.

It's told, Napoleon feasted on an omelette and ordered the town to gather all the eggs to fix a giant omelette for his army. This tradition carried on to feed the poor at Easter. 29 years ago, a group from Abbeville went to France.

"Our citizens that were visiting them were so taken back by what they were doing that they asked them back to Abbeville to cook an omelette," said Elray Schexnaider.

Since then, representatives from several different countries are knighted as chefs in Abbeville joining with other cooks to prepare the omelette.

"It amazes me each time that we have so many people here doing something different and it all melds together," said Schexnaider.

Preparing the giant omelette is a delicate process, every step has to be completed carefully before the ingredients are mixed into the skillet.

"The temperature has to be just right, the timing has to be just right to get the ingredients in," said Schexnaider.

It takes between twenty to thirty minutes before the omelette is ready to be served. Once it's done, the crowd gets to dig in!

Along side the giant omelette, junior members cook a petite omelette. 600 eggs are used and more than five pounds of butter. The goal is to teach the junior members the traditions to keep the celebration going.

Chris Welty



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