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Jul 16, 2014 1:07 PM

12:00 pm update from UL following bomb threat

State Police just finished a meeting with several other agencies including the FBI and ATF.  Troopers are continuing their search of the campus and surrounding areas and say they'll be there a while.  According to UL, 9 teams are sweeping the campus.  So far, 20 buildings have been swept.  5,500 students are enrolled in summer school, and all have been accounted for.  Another 100 students are at City Hall watching movies while waiting for the all-clear to return to campus. 

UL classes have officially been canceled for the rest of today and this evening. Classes are set to resume tomorrow. Students who live in on-campus housing will be notified when they are allowed to return. Essential employees, including those who support students in residence halls, will need to stay in touch with their supervisors for instructions. University classes and operations are expected to resume tomorrow, July 17.

UL officials evacuated students after a bomb threat was called into KATC just after 5:30 this morning.
Our morning show producer said the unidentified male called into the newsroom, using expletives to relay the message about two devices on UL's campus. He said one device was at Girard Park in a white trash can; the other device "would have to be found". Police were immediately contacted, and the phone records are being reviewed.

Police found a suspicious device in Girard Park and were checking on another item found near a campus parking garage.

State Trooper Brooks David says the bomb squad was neutralizing the first device, which was found in a trash can. He didn't have a description of it. He called the item near the parking garage "a possible second device."

University of Louisiana at Lafayette spokeswoman Kathleen Thames says morning summer school and freshman orientation sessions were canceled. About 5,500 are enrolled in summer school and 400 incoming freshmen were scheduled to start orientation Wednesday, said university spokeswoman Kathleen Thames. She said about 500 of the summer school students and 150 freshmen were staying on campus. 

Lafayette Police are asking motorists to avoid the area around the UL campus and related locations. This area includes major roadways such as Johnston Street, St. Mary Boulevard, South College Road, West Pinhook Road, University Avenue, as well as roadways associated with the Oil Center.

Students attending Orientation have been moved to off-site banquet hall and are being fed on site.

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