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Apr 9, 2014 7:52 AM by Elizabeth Hill

10 Acadiana women prepare for 39 mile Avon walk for breast cancer

"It becomes painful, but it's nothing compared to what the patients are enduring."

Four years ago Ria Laseter had a wild idea- to walk 39 miles in two days, raising awareness and money for breast cancer research- and she didn't want to go at it alone.

"After I said yes, she decided to tell me it was 39 miles."

Laseter used her powers of persuasion to get friend Layla Primeaux and a few others to join her.

"Then she says and oh by the way, we have to raise 1800 dollars and then I said you've lost your mind, says Primeaux."

With individual and group fundraising efforts the women have met that goal year after year and now, as they head to their fourth walk, they have raised nearly $47,000 and their group has grown from four in 2011 to 10 walkers this year.

"We're tapping into the same family, the same resources, so the community has actually had to step up and get us there and they have," says Primeaux.

"Over the years we've inspired other people to join us, they've come and seen us at the finish line and they see our pictures, they hear about what we do and they want to be a part of that," says Laseter."

Walking alongside survivors and being cheered on by patients makes the blisters, aching feet and sore knees worth it.

"You think about quitting a lot, but you see them and you see them walking and you think if they can do this, there's no reason why I can't," says Primeaux.

"I have nieces now, I have a mother, I have a sister in law, I have lots of girlfriends and if I can be a part of this not effecting anybody else then I want to be a part of that," says Laseter.

The group will begin their walk in Houston Saturday, April with 26 miles and finish Sunday with a 13 mile walk.

If you want more information on the walk or are interested in participating next year click here.



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