Aug 2, 2010 6:46 PM by Carolyn Cerda

"Stolen Memories"

A Breaux Bridge mother is enduring yet another loss, after a home invasion. Kelly Breaux says her family came back from a weekend of camping on Sunday to find their home had been ransacked. She said the thieves took off with 3 laptops, a camera, cell phone and other small electronics and items.

This isn't the first time the family has dealt with misfortune. Kelly has lost two children. One child died when he was just a newborn, and his twin, Emma, died last year from Swine Flu at the age of 3. And, that's what makes this break-in so heartbreaking for her. The camera and laptops had Kelly's only copies of photos and home videos of Emma as an infant.

"I cried for 3 hours cause that's all i have left of them... home videos, like from their birth," said Kelly. "And the police said they would just throw them away and it just devastated me."

Breaux Bridge police said burglaries like this are common, with the thieves taking whatever they can carry. And they say in most cases, the thieves dispose of whatever can't be used or sold, including pictures on SIM cards or memory cards that can be erased.

The thieves left behind bigger items, like a flat screen TV in the living room. But, Kelly says her child's pictures are more valuable, even priceless, compared to those.

"Anybody would be devastated... but, to lose a child and that's the only thing you have left of them... it's hard."



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